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At Hip Belly Dancer I am dedicated to helping you feel the joy of belly dancing as quickly and as easily as possible.

Through many years of teaching I have developed unique teaching methods that break down the belly dance movements into a step-by-step guide that will have you feeling like a belly dancer in no time!

The #1 Belly Dance Ebook- Learn everything you need to know about belly dance and MORE!


Recent Posts

Are you breathing?


“My technique is based on breathing. I have based everything I have done on the pulsation of life, which is, to me, the pulsation of breath. Every time you breathe life or expel it, it is a release or a contraction. It is that basic to the body. You are born with these two movements…

Loving Our Bodies Exactly As They Are (…and a video you won’t want to miss!)


I recently returned from a two week trip to Brazil with my boyfriend to visit his family. It’s always so helpful and informative to visit other cultures because it makes you realize that the way we do things here in America- our values, how we think, what we do- is not a “human” thing, it’s…

What Do You Remember About Your First Belly Dance Class?


Even if we have terrible memories (like I do:), most of us will remember in vivid detail our first belly dance class. In my effort to share the inspiring stories of other dancers in the belly dance community, this week I asked a dancer friend of mine, David of Scandinavia, to share with us what…

How to Wear a Belly Dance Hip Scarf


Belly Dance hip scarves (also known as coin belts or coin scarves) go along with belly dance like peanut butter and jelly and make you want to get your hips shaking and start belly dancing! Something magical seems to happen when you put on a belly dance hip scarf and hear the jingle of the…

How Sparkles Helped Me With Emotional Eating

A5Y5AR Woman Eating Prunes Model Released

Having been in Japan for not even three weeks now, it’s been quite an adjustment for me. This is my third country to readjust to in only six months, and my head has been spinning from the culture shock and all the new things and experiences to absorb and assimilate. Being in Osaka is amazing…

Walk Like a Pigeon: Belly Dance Hip Stretches


We’ve all heard the Bangles song “Walk Like an Egyptian”, and considering this is a belly dance site, you probably thought I would go there. Don’t get me wrong, I do love that song that is so emblematic of the 80’s, but when it comes to improving your belly dance technique and overall just moving…