I have been a professional belly dance instructor and performer for the last seven years and have studied with some of the most renowned dancers from both the United States and the Middle East. 1 have been studying dance since I was 4 years old, starting with ballet, jazz and tap. I took my first belly dance class in 1996 from the highly regarded Alexandra King, director of the Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble at UCSantaBarbara.


I am dedicated to continuously refining my skills and deepening my practice and expression of this beautiful and artistic dance form. Middle Eastern Dance is my greatest joy, love and passion and it is my goal in both my instruction and performance to demonstrate technical mastery of the movements as well as express genuine and authentic feeling.


At Hip Belly Dancer it is my vision and mission to help others experience the joy of belly dancing and the healing it brings by centering and grounding us in our bodies and helping us to experience our most fundamental feminine energy and power.


My goal as an instructor is to make belly dance approachable so that you may easily feel successful and quickly experience the freedom and joy of movement.


In addition to being a belly dancer, I was also an alternative health care practitioner for five years treating with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in an integrated holistic health center.


With my lifelong interest in health and fitness I was naturally drawn to the sophisticated and ancient practice of Chinese medicine. With my background, knowledge and experience as a practitioner in the field of holistic health, I now incorporate this knowledge into how I teach belly dance and absolutely believe that belly dance is a powerful form of healing movement for women.